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Amusing Look at Gun-Free Zones – Dan Mitchell

28 Sep

Two More Funny (and Accurate) Posters about Gun Control

28 Sep

International Liberty

I did a post two days ago with a series of signs and images making fun of gun-free zones.

I’m personally more partial to t-shirts and bumper stickers, such as the ones you can view here, here, and here, but folks seem to really enjoy the posters. Indeed, here are two more that were shared by readers.

The first one is self-explanatory.

Though I suppose the message in the poster is not completely accurate. As an economist, I do think laws – on the margin – can discourage both gun ownership and pot smoking. It’s simply a matter of the likelihood of getting caught and the severity of the punishment (which was the theory behind the famous $1 million fine for speeding in Sweden).

That being said, it’s foolish to have bad laws – such as ones that restrict the freedom of people to engage in peaceful…

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Woman Sues Phila. Police Department, Says Tasering Caused Her To Miscarry

28 Sep

CBS Philly

By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A civil rights lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Philadelphia on behalf of a woman who claims she suffered a miscarriage after a confrontation with plainclothes Philadelphia police officers a couple of years ago.

Officers say they found Naimah Jones’ kids in her car outside her North Philadelphia home with its doors locked and the engine running.

The mother says she was inside the house getting a bag for their late-night Thanksgiving trip.

Jones and an officer got into a heated argument when, the lawsuit claims, she was handcuffed and then Tasered several times.

“We’re pretty sure she was pregnant at the time of the incident, but we know that she had a miscarriage soon thereafter,” says her attorney, James Lee.

Jones was later cleared of all criminal charges and is now suing three officers and the Philadelphia Police Department for malicious…

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Michigan man wins Open Carry fight.

19 Sep

The Buffer Tube Radio Show

For Jeff Haman of Warren MI, the outcome of an encounter with a Warren police officer in 2009 did not end up the way he had hoped.

Mr. Hammond claims that four of the city’s police officers violated his constitutional rights to openly carry a firearm. This encounter lead him to sue the city last year. Originally asking for $100,000 judgment and $500,000 in punitive damages he wound up agreeing to accept $5,000.

Found this article on the daily tribune:

“ On Aug. 25, 2009, Haman was walking from a local drug store on 12 Mile at Hoover roads with his semi-automatic pistol holstered at his waist, when a patrolman drove up to him quickly. Haman said the officer pointed a pistol at him through an open passenger window and then came to a stop. Haman said he immediately raised his hands. [He] was ordered to lie on his stomach…

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Guns aren’t the problem…

19 Sep

Now Think about that for a Second...

Now that a few weeks have gone by since the last mass shooting, time for the knee-jerk defensiveness to die down, as it were, I wanted to touch on an issue that I feel lies at the core of that defensiveness.

That being the idea that if assault weapons, and other military size and grade weapons and accessories are restricted, the next step would be the government taking away our hunting rifles and target pistols.

Full disclosure: I am a gun owner, several times over. This is a frequent topic of conversation among my family, notably with my uncle and youngest sister. Both have long careers in law enforcement, both have my enduring respect. And both are “card carrying members” of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  I am not.

Neither believes, in principle, that people on the street (as in, criminals) should have access to body armor, or…

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Ohio: Police Cannot Stop a Motorist That Catches Their Attention

19 Sep


A police officer may not stop and interrogate a driver merely because a vehicle’s out-of-state license plates “caught his attention,” the Ohio Court of Appeals ruled earlier this month. In a split 2-1 decision, the court held the March 19, 2011 traffic stop of Bret Browning was improper because Copley Township Police Officer Ryan Price had no reason to think a crime was about to be committed. At 12:30am that day, Price noticed Browning standing beside a car on a private drive, then drive off.

“I didn’t know if the person was taking a leak,” Officer Price testified. “If they were checking the mail. Getting the trash cans. Stopped because they were lost. Being it was an out-of-state plate, pulled in there to check direction or what, but when he got in the car and drove to the back — I know it’s a dead end, so I figured, well…

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Hello world!

19 Sep

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Happy blogging!